One pack for each type of material

Mergroup is the specialist in tracking your materials. Choose your package or combine several.

Small and large assets
QR scanning
Maintenance and inspection
Allocating assets to individuals
Small and large working people
Bluetooth tags
Detection by T&T and smartphones
No manual action required
Can be combined with QR
Valuable assets
Accurate positioning
Stand-alone operation
Up to 10 years battery life
Easy to place
All over the world
Valuable assets
CAN Data
Operating Hours
Professional installations
Real-time positioning
Connecting materials

Working more efficiently in the simplest way

Thanks to our automated and digital system, you have a detailed view of your equipment anytime and anywhere. Knowing where your valuable machines are not only increases efficiency, it also helps you to expand your business. Working smarter means achieving more results.

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Discover all the advantages

Data collection provides a complete overview of your company’s operations. Discover all the advantages at a glance.

Working more efficiently
Better organisation
More control
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Less time wasted
Less paperwork
Less trouble

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