Emergency services

Working more efficiently in the health sector

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As an emergency service you take care of people. With our platform, you can now do this in the most efficient way. Delegate and track tasks easily, know where materials, vehicles and people are, communicate directly, and obtain and send documents and addresses instantly. At a glance, you can see the daily operation, leaving you more time to carry out your service.

Our solutions for the emergency services


The benefits of Mertrack

Collect data and gain a thorough insight into the operation of your business. All advantages at a glance:

More safety
Secure your fleet with a digital lock and get alerts on suspicious activities.
Efficient use of vehicles
Always know where your vehicles are and check their efficiency.
Improved coordination
Using our planning tool, you can easily distribute tasks among employees.
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Fewer costs
Calculate commuting costs quickly and easily.
Less time wasted
Receive real-time updates on the status of your vehicles.
Less paper
Documents, receipts and forms are now digital and instantaneous.

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