Tachograph bundles

Process tachograph data more efficiently

Control of driving times and rest periods, in-depth analyses or simply compliance with legislation.

Tacho Light
Automatic reading of .ddd files
On your PC or in the cloud
Data hosting
Define your own download intervals
Tacho Advanced
Checking the conformity of tachographs
Risk assessment
Automated wage calculation
Travel allowances
Tacho Live
Live monitoring of driving and resting times
Adjust if necessary
Warning in the event of failure to comply with the driving time limit
Bimonthly analysis and reports
Tacho Light

Automatic tachograph reading

With Tacho Light, you will never have to manually download the DDD files of your vehicles or drivers again: all files are downloaded automatically, no matter where your vehicles or drivers are located.

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Tachometric analysis platform
Tacho Advanced
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Tacho Advanced is a web application for digital tachograph files. It is very simple to use. From our Tacho Light package or by using external automatic downloads or manual downloads, DDD files are uploaded to Tacho advance and the data is analysed. Tacho Light helps you to detect violations, track download times and vehicle calibration, but also to improve your business processes through automated wage calculation.

Tacho Live

Monitor driving times and rest periods

Mergo Live gives you a live overview of the remaining driving times for days, weeks and fortnights. Notifications are brought to the attention of your planners when driving times are violated. Thanks to this powerful application you can optimise your planning and avoid the risk of violating EU Regulation 561/2006 or AETR rules.

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